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July 28, 2019

Who is going to be at the assembly of the saints (a.k.a. church)? _____________


Who is going to stimulate their brethren to love and good deeds? _____________


Who is going to sing praises to the Lord? _____________


Who is going to pray in earnest heart? _____________


Who is going to open their bible and examine what is preached and taught? ________


Who is going to honor Christ in remembrance through the Lord’s Supper? __________


Who is going to lay by in store as the Lord commanded; cheerfully and liberally? _____________


Who is going to teach the classes that need to be taught? _____________


Who is going to welcome any visitors that come our way? _____________


Who is going to stick around a little after church to talk to their fellow brethren? ____


Who is going to examine their heart and work and repent where necessary? _________


Who is going to have their Bible class material studied and ready to participate? ____



Who is going to send a card to the person that was announced as sick? _____________


Who is going to visit the brother or sister in Christ in the hospital? _____________


Who is going to open their home in hospitality to others? _____________


Who is going to restore one in a spirit of gentleness who is caught up in spiritual trespass? _____________


Who is going to be ready to serve? _____________


Who is going to forgive with cheerfulness? _____________


Who is going to send a note or card this week to the visitors who worshipped with us? _____________


Who is going  to actively encourage the young people today? _____________


Who is going to be ready to present a mid-week invitation? _____________


Who is going to rejoice with those who rejoice perhaps in birthday or anniversary? _____________


Who is going to weep with those who weep who are perhaps in bereavement? _____________


Who is going to bear their brethren’s burden? _____________


Who is going to kneel down in prayer for their brethren who are in need? __________


Who is going to drop by some food for those who could use a hand? _____________


Who is going to reach out to a neighbor or stranger and invite them to a Bible Study or church? ________



Who is going to train their children as they should? _____________


Who is going to be the respectful, honorable, loving spouse? _____________


Who is going to lead with diligence? _____________


Who is going to abhor what is evil and cling to what is good? _____________


Who is going to read their Bible daily and meditate on God’s word? _____________


Who is going to fill in the blanks to all of these questions with relevant scripture? ___


The answer to most, if not all, of these questions is “I Am”.  We serve Jesus Christ who is the “I Am” (John 8:58).  We must realize, when it comes to answering the question “Who is responsible” for each of these duties the proper answer is “I am.” 


The scriptures reveal so many of our responsibilities in simplicity and truth, and I encourage you to open up your Bible, find scriptures pertaining to each of these questions and see for yourself your responsibilities from God’s word. 


May we not be so irresponsible as to overlook our duties, pass them on to others, or make excuses for ourselves.  Rather, let us be ready to answer the call of service “Who is ready?” with the cheerful answer, “Master, here am I!” 


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