• David Osteen

Parable of the Ancient Recipe Book

Once upon ancient times in a land far far away there was a small country village that learned the ways of extraordinary healthy living and preserved this knowledge in a book. They learned how to cultivate the land, what crops to grow and eat, how to grow the crops, what animals to tend to, how to care for them, how to process the food, how to cook the food, and how to partake of the food in a way that maximized health benefits. The book taught them the recipes of healthy living that helped them to enjoy their old age as much as their youth because of great health. They may still get sick (from pathogens) from time to time but had strong immune systems to help ward off illness because of their healthy living and even had medicinal meals to help them overcome illness and fully recuperate. The book also provided other wisdom of healthy living that included things like healthy breathing, stretching, and exercise.

As time went on, and technology advanced, and people moved away from the village people also moved away from these old healthy ways, and eventually the ancient recipe book was lost. The old ways were replaced by new ways that focused on speed, efficiency, and convenience. Family working the fields and ranch, family preparing the food together, family dining were all replaced with fast food. Health was also replaced with obesity, heart disease, bowel disease, cancers, allergies, etc. People not only didn’t live longer but didn’t have as much a quality of life either. Health was never at peace. It was always a struggle from earlier and earlier ages as the old ways were completely forgotten.

Then the ancient recipe book was found and a woman tried to tell the world of the knowledge and power contained in the old recipe book. But the world didn’t listen. She was branded a lunatic and the old ways she proclaimed as out of date and antiquated. And the world continued to rot instead of being healed. The book prophesied of all the maladies that would come upon society if they abandoned the ways of pure eating and drinking and breathing and exercise. But the more she called out and spoke of these matters, the more society scorned her. (Proverbs 1:20-33) Even though all that she said from the book had come to pass, and all of the remedies she shared worked time and time again, the people would not listen.

The people cried out and complained of sickness. They whined and cried about medical costs. They wondered and wondered about why society at large continued to suffer ill health. They moped and moaned about how painful and sorrowful old age was. While there were a few who would turn to the old recipe book, live by its ways, and receive the blessings thereof; most of society continued to dismiss and denigrate the old ways because of the stubbornness and arrogance of heart, that they couldn’t possibly be better than the “new” “advanced” “progressive” ways of the modern-day. By and large, they continued to disregard the old proven true and effective science (knowledge) of the ancient recipe book for the new science (knowledge) that kept promising solutions but kept leading to society being sicker and sicker.


Why Christianity is NOT a Relic?

True Christians have been speaking out against the sexual exploitation of women for decades and have been mocked and ridiculed (ironically by the very industry at the heart of the accusations in the #metoo movement - the entertainment industry). The moral decay finally got so bad, and the power of social media so great, that the line was finally crossed where people who don't even believe in God could at least agree and see that Christians were right. That God's truth is right. That sex is not just sex, and that sex is not just transactional, but that sex is an intimate connection that has peace, and protection, and sanctity in a monogamous committed relationship (marriage). That men (and women) need to not act like animals acting on impulse but demonstrate humanity in showing respect, self-restraint, and self-control in this most intimate of human interaction.

True Christians have been speaking out against racial Injustice for centuries and preaching that mankind is created in the image of God (possessing inherent value as such), that we are all brothers in the flesh, and all created equal. That all life holds value from conception to eternity. We warned against how life would be dehumanized by religions like atheism and agnosticism and humanism. With cities set aflame by civil unrest from racial tensions, the line was finally crossed in our society where the masses would finally wake up from the slumber of apathy and take an active role in confronting racial injustice and stand up for the principle of the value and respect of all life (although society is still lagging behind in regard to that virtue as it relates to the unborn).

True Christians have been speaking out against the sexual exploitation of children for decades. From the way young girls have been encouraged to publicly dress (or undress), to the way they have been groomed by the entertainment industry to be objectified and sexualized, to the provocative pop culture dancing. It took a Netflix movie called "Cuties" to finally wake people up to how children are being sexually exploited right under our noses every single day. Somehow *this* crosses a line for people who've already crossed that line with how they dress themselves and their children and the lewd activities they put them in and to which they expose them. (Like TikTok for example) For those who still don't get it, I fear you never will.

True Christians have called for a return to morality and purity only to be met with apathy and scorn by the masses and societal "elites" for the last 100 years! People have always been criticizing Christianity for being behind the times, but it's time that has proven that Christianity has always been ahead of the times! That the world is still working to catch up to the timeless truths that have been preached for centuries; that life is to be valued, that life is to be respected, that life is to be sanctified and pure and set apart as holy and honored in grace... not disgraced.

If you've ever wondered why the world needs God, why the world needs a Savior, Jesus Christ, why the world needs the truth of the Holy Spirit-inspired Bible, then look no further than the year 2020. Every plague of 2020 would be cured if generations of past listened to God, obeyed God, and instilled God's truth in each next generation. There is a cure to what plagues our societal ills... it's not a new one but an old one... it's the Gospel! It's not a relic of the past... it's the timeless treasure of salvation for the present and for the future to come!

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