• David Osteen

"Why Don't I Feel Close to God?" "I Need a Change of Scenery"

A lady was very discouraged in the faith and agreed to meet with the minister of the church to discuss where she was spiritually. At their meeting she lamented how she didn’t feel a connection to God and didn’t feel like going to church and worshiping God and was considering how a “change of scenery” might help reinvigorate her spirituality and strengthen her connection to God. The minister began to inquire...

Do you attend church regularly? Yes

Do you attend all of the services regularly? No

Sunday Bible class? No

Wednesday Bible class? No

Sunday Evening? Sometimes. When I miss the morning and can make it.

Gospel Meetings at your local church? No

Other Gospel Meetings in the area? No

Other studies available for the ladies? No

Other studies available for all of the members? No

Do you participate in the work days? No

Do you invite others to church or study? No

Do you open up your bible with your kids at home and study together? No

With your spouse? No

Do you serve the shut-ins at your local church? No

Do you send cards to those in need? No

Do you visit those at the hospital? No

Do you call those who miss services because of illness or other reasons? No

Do you teach class at church? No

Do you read your bible daily? No

Do you prayer regularly? Yes

More than just meals and bedtime? No

When you pray, is it ever for more that 10 minutes? No

5 minutes? Maybe. Sometimes. (rarely)

Do you meditate on God constantly throughout the day? No. I’m very busy.

Do you make an effort to memorize scripture? No. I’m not good at that.

Do you show up early for church and greet people? No

Do you stay around afterwards and greet people? No

Have you ever been invited to activities? Yes

Have you ever gone? Yes (The minister finally feeling hopeful)

About how often do you accept those invites and go? Ummm. Probably about 10% of the time. (There goes the hope)

Do you invite others to go out and/ or practice hospitality? No

Do you do any Bible journaling? No

Do you sing hymns from day to day? No

“So from what I’ve been able to gather, you attend Sunday morning worship service, and you pray to God for about 5 minutes at meal and bedtimes, and accept hospitality invites about 10% of the time?”, the preacher perplexedly asked. “Yes, that is correct.” she responded matter-of-factly.

“By this series of questions I asked you; do you see how many opportunities you have to build faith and draw closer to God and build a connection with the Lord that you are passing up every day?” “Yes”, she replied. “So what do you think the solution is to build a better, deeper, more abiding connection with the Lord?” Her reply… she left that local church never to return.


More often than not, our spiritual growth and connection to God problem is not the preacher or the church or the worship service or any other external thing. More often than not, it is internal. It is the heart of the individual. When looking for who to blame if we find ourselves down in the spiritual dumps; let us first look in the mirror. Consider Matthew 13:1-23; 25:31-46; James 4:1-10 and draw near to God.


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