• David Osteen

Why NOT Homeschooling is a SIN

One may be surprised to find that in certain dictionaries there are over 20 definitions for the word school. The etymology of the word “school”, quite ironic considering today’s schools, was “leisure learning”. It was more learning through informal discussion. Soon there were designated “places” (ex. Acts 17:19-22) for this “leisurely” learning, and thus modern day schools were born. Nowadays, it is widely believed that “public schools” are the best, right, and only place for proper learning and development for a child. Unfortunately so many parents, even those that are Christians, have been fooled into believing the very same.

But what are children taught at these public schools? In public school they don’t just teach a child reading, writing, and arithmetic. They teach children sexuality, philosophy, sociology, intolerance, etc. sometimes in very damaging and destructive ways. Of course this is not always done overtly, but rather covertly. In reading class, the assignment may be to read a book where there are homosexual characters or inappropriate language. In “science” class, instead of teaching DNA, much more time is actually spent on teaching evolution; with its unrighteous and harmful conclusions such as: 1)Might makes right 2)Morality is Relative 3)God does not exist etc. Other examples abound, but the point is; in public school, children can be exposed to a variety of unrighteous, harmful, evil ideals and philosophies; which is why it is sinful if parents are not Homeschooling.

Homeschooling is what God has instructed and commanded. Parents are to be teaching their children as they sit around the dinner table, should be instructing their children as they do activities together around the house, should be learning from the parents as they are all riding together in the car. A house is just where one’s family resides, but home is where one’s family is together. Anywhere and everywhere a parent is with child, is a time and place for homeschooling. (Dt. 6:7)

I am NOT saying it is a sin to send one’s child to public school; but what I am saying, unequivocally, is that it is sinful in the eyes of the Lord to not school – teach, instruct, train – one’s child at home (Eph 6:4; Heb. 12:9; Prv 14:1; 22:6). Too many times, too many parents leave schooling up to the “Public Schools” and/or “Sunday Schools” and/or “Television Schools” and/or “Schools of Hard Knocks”. And while some of those schools can provide beneficial, positive, proper instruction for a child, they are NO substitute for good and godly parents.

Let me be clear again. When I’m speaking of it being a sin not to homeschool children, I’m not talking about yanking kids out of public school so one can teach them how to add “2+2” in the house. After all, there are plenty of kids who have received education in their house via textbooks, computers, and t.v. that never received the proper instruction, training, and spiritual nourishment that they needed from their parents. The “house” is not the magical place of perfect learning. But consistent, diligent, loving, caring parents can and will provide a home of schooling their children in godly knowledge and wisdom (Proverbs 13:24). Why would we want to deprive our children of that; the most precious gift we can give? (Prov. 1:8; 4:4-11; 8:11; 13:14; 16:16; 19:8)

“Discipline your son while there is hope, and do not desire his death.” – Proverbs 19:18 “Discipline” does not just mean “spank”; it also means “school” - teach. The devil will gladly fill your roll of disciplining your child if you pass it off to him. But don’t give up your responsibility. Teach your child, love your child… Homeschool your child. It’s the school that matters most.

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