• David Osteen

Parable of the Royal Governor

Behold, there once was a great kingdom that was ruled by a Royal Triumvirate consisting of a Royal King, Royal Prince, and Royal General: each with equal power and authority. The Royal Triumvirate was on a search to appoint one of the Governors of the states over all the others. As they came to a land they would go through a process of arrival so that the Governors might be prepared.

First, the Royal Triumvirate sent a Royal Servant. The Royal Servant approached the Governor of the last land to be visited, and as he did, the Governor made a little bow of the head, and the governor’s Slave bowed all the way to the ground. A few days later the Royal General arrived. The Governor bowed at the waist, and again the governor’s Slave bowed all the way to the ground. A few days later the Royal Prince arrived. This time, the Governor bowed to one knee and the governor’s Slave bowed all the way to the ground.

Finally, the Royal King himself arrived. When he did, the Governor rushed out to meet him and bowed all the way to the ground in his presence, with the governor’s Slave right behind him doing the same.

That night, a royal ball was held and the Royal King rose up to speak from the table of feasting. “We have traveled to all seven states of our kingdom, and nowhere have we found such humility and service as we have found in this land. We have been searching across this great land to raise up a Royal Governor that could rule humbly and wisely over them all, and we have finally found such a one.”

At this, the Governor of that land arose with beaming joy and pride. The Royal King declared, “Our royal decree, is for the Royal Guard to strip all 7 Governors of their titles, and for this man, this governor’s Slave, to take the office of Royal Governor, and to appoint new Governors in each land!”

A gasp wisped across the banquet hall as the Governor stood in astonishment and cried out, “But why?” “Why,” the Royal King said wisely “is because we need a man who understands both authority and humility. A man who does not seek his own will, but that of his master. To raise a man to the status of Royal Governor, it would be too tempting for any ordinary man to try to grapple hold of the entire kingdom! We need a man who is wise enough to understand this position in the kingdom as a gift, and not an entitlement. And we need a man who is humble enough to serve the Royal Triumvirate and its will, and treat us all equally as sovereign; whether it be us in person or one within our household. Your slave’s humility, as expressed to the Royal Servant, Royal General, Royal Prince, and Myself, is what we have searched for throughout this entire kingdom, and at long last…. we have found. He has bowed low equally in service in all things, and now we will raise him up above all others!”

At this decree, the governor’s Slave was exalted to the position of Royal Governor, and he established just and humble governors throughout the land, and the land dwelt in peace and prosperity.


“…For everyone who exalts himself shall be humbled, but he who humbles himself shall be exalted.” (Luke 18:14; See Also: Mark 10:43-45)

The point of this parable is about one thing – truly humbling ourselves before God. It’s about understanding that God will not exalt us in any way, unless we humble ourselves before Him, and His authority, in every way! In the church, we talk about humility a lot, but in what areas of our walk, work, and worship can we actually apply it? Consider these four figures in the parable, and how humility can be applied to the simple act of attending the assembling of the saints.

First, is the Royal King. The Royal King represents God the Father. Put this in the context of our recent (and upcoming) gospel meeting. Some may say, “Well, if God the Father walked through those church doors at every service then I would be there every service!” You would plan on it. We could count on you couldn’t we? Whatever sacrifices you’d have to make, if God was there, you would make them… because He is the King! Where do you think God is every church service? Do you think He’s only here during worship Sunday mornings? Do you think He’s not here for Bible class, or Sunday night worship, or midweek bible study, or gospel meeting nights? God is always in His house (I Corinthians 3:9-17), and we should follow the example of Jesus, and be with our Father. (Luke 2:49)

Second, is the Royal Prince. The Royal Prince represents God the Son – Jesus Christ. Again, Sunday morning we serve the Lord’s Supper. Sunday night too. We will still bow to the ground for Jesus, but maybe just to one knee. We won’t make the sacrifices, accept the authority of Christ, humble ourselves to the service of 2 times on Sunday, but we’ll give Christ one knee (one service). The reality is; Jesus is here every service… where are we? The reality is; that Jesus is God, and deserves the same respect and humility that we would afford God the Father.

Third, is the Royal General. The Royal General represents the Holy Spirit – and the word He has revealed (Ephesians 6:17). We aren’t going to bow all the way down for Bible class are we? We’ll do a half bow. We may be there. We may not. We aren’t going to show the same humility and respect for the Holy Spirit though, as we would for God the Father would we? Why not? We cannot respect God… without respecting the Holy Spirit… because He is God! Let’s make it a priority to show Him that, by being at every Bible class we can.

Fourth, is the Royal Servant. The Royal Servant represents your brethren in Christ. We are all servants of God, and we are to serve one another in love and humility. (Galatians 5:13) But so oftentimes, we only show such degree of humility as a little head bow. We won’t get down on our hands and knees in humility of service. (John 13:1-17) We won’t lower ourselves all of the way down all of the time; will we? If it was God, then sure. If it was Jesus, then probably. If it was the Holy Spirit, then maybe. But show up to church… to every possible service… for my brethren? Who has ever heard of such a thing?!?! (Hebrews 10:23-25)

We have several assemblies planned this week. I hope you have planned to be here for every one. I hope you have prepared to be here, and encouraged others to be here. Every opportunity, you should plan to humble yourself to serve God, and then do it… and then you will always be exactly where you are supposed to be. Come to the assembly to be with God. Come to the assembly to be with Jesus. Come to the assembly to be with the Holy Spirit. Come to the assembly to encourage… “the least of these” (Matthew 25:34-46)… your brethren!

Like the King in the parable, God will exalt you to glory, but you have to be willing to humble yourself for His servant, the same you would for Himself. (I John 4:19-21) May God bless you as you search for His wisdom to humble yourself before Him in all things… both big and small.

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