• David Osteen

Parable of the Wedding Feast

There once was a man with sextuplet teenage boys ((D)anny, (J)ohnny, (W)ally, (T)immy, (G)ary, and (L)arry… pray for this man). He told all of his sons to get ready to go to a grand wed-ding feast. Later, the father comes back calling the boys that it’s time to go.

The Father then asks (D)anny, “Why aren’t you ready son? You are filthy. You can’t go to a wedding like that.” Danny was clueless, “What are you talking about, Dad?”. Danny (d)idn’t know he was supposed to get ready because he never heard his Dad tell them. He had ear-phones in his ears, so he wasn’t ready when it was time to go. He was going to be left behind.

Then the Father asked (J)ohnny. “Why aren’t you ready son?” Johnny adamantly replied, “I AM ready Dad! I (j)ust need to put on my socks and shoes.” “Then you aren’t ready!”, his Father snapped back. He was going to get left behind.

Next, the Father turned to (W)ally, “And what about you? Where are your socks, and shoes?” Wally replied innocently, “I (w)as ready 10 minutes after you told us to be ready, but I got tired of waiting and started playing again. Sorry dad.” He was going to get left behind.

At this point, the Father is beside himself. (T)immy pipes up and says, “Hey Dad, no worries. I’m ready.” “No you are not!”, shot back his dad. “You may (t)hink that you are ready, but you are not going to this wedding feast in cut-off blue jean shorts, white socks, and flip-flops. That’s not appropriate attire. You are NOT ready.” He was going to get left behind.

Exasperated, the Father discouragingly questioned, “And where is (G)ary?” The boys replied, “You know ‘(G)oody two-shoes’ Gary, he’s already ready and waiting for you out in the car.” The father stormed out the door and met Gary in the car and they drove off to the grand wed-ding feast at Disney World while the other kids got left behind with a Sitter.

An hour later, (L)arry comes running out the door. “Dad! Don’t leave! Wait for me. I want to go. I don’t want to be stuck here. Come back!!!.” Poor Larry. He was ready, but he was (l)ate.

Are you ready for Jesus’ return and the judgment to come? We likely all fit into the parable in some way. Whether we want to admit it or not, when Jesus comes again (I Thessalonians 5:1-9) we will be one of these boys. What if it was today? Right now. Which one would you be?

(D)anny who (d)idn’t hear - Have you never heard the gospel? Do you not know who the Lord is and what His saving truth is? That’s no excuse. Open your heart, to open your ears, and come to know the saving gospel of grace. (Matthew 13:1-23; II Thessalonians 1:7-9; Romans 10:17)

(J)ohnny “(j)ust needed” - What about you? Sometimes if you ask people if they are ready for Jesus’ return they may something like, “Yes. I just need to be baptized”. Well, if you “just” need to believe, or repent, or confess, or be baptized then you ARE. NOT. READY!!! (Luke 9:59-60) Don’t miss out on the eternal with Jesus because of “just” putting off obeying the Lord.

(W)ally “(w)as” - Maybe you have obeyed the gospel in the past, but you have not been faith-ful in your service to the Lord. (Revelation 2:10) Consider, that just because you were ready, does not guarantee you are ready. In Jesus’ parable of the 10 Virgins in Matthew 25:1-13 take note that originally all ten were ready. When the bridegroom came though, only 5 were still ready. What about you? If the Lord returned today, are you ready?

(T)immy “(t)hinks” - A lot of people may think they are ready, but that doesn’t mean they are ready. What does Jesus say in Matthew 7:22-23? Do those sound like people who think they are ready? Don’t just think you are ready. Know you are ready! Be able to prove you ready by going to the scriptures to show you have obeyed the Lord’s will. (I John 5:13; II Timothy 3:16)

(G)ary is “(g)ood” - Not that Gary earned his way to the wedding feast at Disney Word, but he heard the instruction of his father, believed his father, obeyed his father, and he was ready to receive the reward. By the Father’s grace, Gary was able to go to the grand wedding feast at Disney World. The grace of God has come, instructing us in all godliness (Titus 2:11-14) that we might be pleasing to Him (Ephesians 5:8-10). It teaches us how to become a Christian (Matthew 28:19; Mark 16:15-16; Acts 2:38; etc.) and it teaches us how to be a Christian (I John 5:3). May we daily prove the goodwill of God (Romans 12:1) in our choices, attitudes, and actions, and be found ready, for our blessed Savior (II Timothy 4:7-8).

(L)arry was “(l)ate” - The Lord is gracious, the Lord is loving, and the Lord is longsuffering, but the time for repentance will come to an end. Don’t wait until it’s too late. If you know you need to be ready for the Lord’s return, get ready now. (Acts 17:30-31; II Peter 3:1-12) Contact any of our members and we will work to study with you and help you get your life right with the Lord. According to His will as revealed in His holy word. (Luke 16:19-31)

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