• David Osteen

Parable of the True Neighbor

A certain man was walking down an aisle in the local market with tattered clothing and the fresh aroma of alcohol following him about; after having been stripped of dignity and beaten to hopelessness by his master: the Ruler of Darkness. And by chance a certain preacher of a local “conservative” church of Christ was going down that aisle, and when he smelled of him and then turned to see him, he passed by on the other side. And likewise by circumstance, a member from the same congregation also happened upon the same man in the market, and decided to pass by on the other side. Later, a shepherd from that same congregation also came upon the same man in the market, and decided to pass by on the other side. But a certain ex-convict; who became a Christian (Acts 11:26; Matthew 28:19) when an evangelist “preached Jesus” (Acts 8:35) to him in prison, came upon him; and when he saw him, he felt compassion, and came to him, and began to show him by the Scriptures how Christ could bandage his wounds (Is. 53:5), could anoint his head with oil (Ps. 23:5), and could carry him to a place of rest (Heb. 4:3-11). He bought him new clothes in the market, and took him to a local shelter where he could rest and sober up, and he left him a Bible with markings of where to read and be encouraged in the faith. And on the next day he took $200 and gave it to the lady in charge of the shelter, and said, “Whatever more you spend, when I return, I will repay you.”

Which of these four do you think proved to be a neighbor to the man who fell into the hands of the one who “robbed his soul"? I assure you it was the one who showed him the Mercy of God. So may our hearts be admonished to , "Go and do the same." (Luke 10:37).

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