Step 8: The Farmer's Faithful Friend

Perhaps one of a Sower’s most useful, under-valued, under-appreciated, least-remembered tools in planting the seed, helping to grow the seed, and helping the seed to grow is… Never plant seed without it. - Colossians 4:2-6

Step 7: The Seedless Gospel

We’ve talked in previous weeks about our nations increasing ignorance in regard to agriculture, and made comparisons to spreading the gospel. In many respects, this country which was built on agriculture, in its short 200 year history has virtually become agriculturally illiterate. I’ve been to several churches with older members and younger members alike. When I visit congregations, inevitably there is someone there that would be considered an elderly individual that has a “famous” garden. I’m never approached by someone in their 20’s that says, “Yeah, you’ll have to try some of the tomatoes from the plant I’m growing in this year’s garden.” By and large, new homes that are constructed

Step 6: Planting Excuses Uprooted

The way I see it, there are at least three different fields we can work in. We can work in our own field, we can work in others’ fields, or we can work in God’s field. Most people probably spend their time in their own fields or others’ fields. When it comes to working though, how much of a priority is dedicated not just to BEING in God’s field, but to WORKING in God’s field? Most of the time people spend what time they have working in other’s fields and their own fields because they have the feeling THAT work is what provides for them. How do we pay the car note, the house note, pay for the kid’s karate class, pay for vacations, etc.; it’s by working in other’s fields. When we work for

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