On the Self-Examination of (Potential) Shepherds

Men are not to be forced into service as shepherds. They are to be encouraged by their fellow brethren to serve, but not forced to serve. When a brother’s name is submitted by the members of the church for consideration, it is not just for the church to consider, but for the man himself. This is a process of self-examination he must go through to determine if he is both qualified and able/willing to serve. Enlist—“exercising oversight not under compulsion, but voluntarily, according to the will of God;” - (I Peter 5:2) While a shepherd can certainly be financially supported for this work in service to the kingdom (I Timothy 5:17-18), his service is voluntary and not compulsory. He enlists

On the Selection of Shepherds - Pt. 2

We have had sermons and articles on a wide variety of topics dealing with Shepherds in the Lord’s church since the beginning of the year. There have been many opportunities to study, to ask questions, and to seek out answers from the scriptures together. The first half of this month was devoted to submitting names for consideration to serve as shepherds at O’Connor Road. Now, the men nominated must evaluate themselves and the scriptures to see if they are ready and willing to be examined by the church and possibly selected to serve. At this stage in the process there are three things we want to keep in mind. The Order and Decency— We seek to maintain an order that is pleasing to God. The

On the Sacrifice of Shepherds

“It is a trustworthy statement: if any man aspires to the office of overseer, it is a fine work he desires to do. “ - I Timothy 3:1 It is all too easy for any generation in any time to seek to adapt the church to the culture. Every culture and every generation must fight this at every turn. This principle applies to the “office of overseer” as much as it does anything else within the church. Today, elderships are often thought of as a board or a committee that leads through making decisions rather than through work, service, and sacrifice. However, the scriptures could not be more clear. The office of overseer is not a position on a committee or a seat on a board… it is a “work”! (SEE:

On the Service of Shepherds

Shepherds are Overseers, not CEO’S (Chief Executive Overlords). Their role is not simply to sit in a bored room (pun intended) and make decisions or bark out orders. Their role, as underling shepherds of the Chief Shepherd Jesus Christ (I Peter 5:4), is to follow His lead in leading His flock. They are to lead. They are to lead in humility. And they are to lead in humility through their example of doing (for that is true Christianity—James 1:22), not merely speaking. (I Peter 5:3) 1) Shepherds Know Their Sheep: “Know well the condition of your flocks, And pay attention to your herds;” - (Proverbs 27:23) Sound advice for the profession of a shepherd and an applicable spiritual principle f

On the Selection of Shepherds - Pt. 1

The church is charged with a solemn duty in selecting shepherds for the local flock. This is a process that is to be continually done through the generations, and always with the same standard of measure (the scriptures—II Timothy 3:16) and the same standard of conduct (Romans 13:8—Love). The O’Connor Road church has spent 2 months searching the scriptures and hopefully searching our hearts as well. We should be ready for the next step in this process—which is submitting names of men the brethren believe to be qualified to serve. With that in mind, this is a reminder/review of the overall principles we have studied. _______________________________________________________ 1) Above Reproach

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