“How Can I Make My Child Love God?”

“How Can I Make My Child Love God?” It’s the one question every responsible parent wants to know the answer to, and it’s very simple, “You can’t”. You can’t make anyone love anything or anyone. That’s what is so unique about love; it is completely an expression of free will. Now that being said, you can influence someone to love. You can provide the environment for it (sometimes perfectly so), just as God has done with us. (I John 4:19) And so you then may ask, “How Can I Influence My Child to Love God?” Now, we are on to something. There are two things I find tragic about this question though: 1) Most of the time parents really already know the answer, and 2) They ask this question most oft

Parable of the Topaz Tepee

In a far away land and time there once were a nomadic people that lived in tepees. A tribe of 40 families all lived in tepees dyed red. One day, a family decided they would dye their tepee topaz. It was a beautiful color, but it caused the rest of the tribe to “look at the family differ-ently”. They soon began to be treated differently. The children were called names by their peers. In the night, sometimes people would throw eggs at their tepee. They were the same people. They were of the same family as all of these others, but now, simply because their tepee was a different color, they were being treated differently. Harshly. The families’ chil-dren were ridiculed and outcasts amongst their

Parable of the Junk Food

Every Sunday the family sat down for their Sunday meal: Fresh grilled fish, two choices of gleefully green salads, a full tray filled with fancy fruits, pitchers of water, unsweet tea and diet lemonade, small plates with a strict “no seconds” policy (all about portion/self control). Any leftovers would be used for the same routine that night, and after each meal the family would all go for a brisk walk together for about 30-45 minutes. They always made sure to sleep well on Sundays, drink lots of water, and not be on electronics for more than two hours of the day. It was the picturesque Sunday of what “healthy living” was all about. Almost every single week the family would also go throug

Deprivation Leads to Depravity

When we are deprived of things that we want, it often leads to depraved behavior. “Depraved” means – marked by immorality; deviating from what is considered right or proper or good. Take for example a young child. A parent may deprive a child of something that the child wants – a candy bar for example. Be-cause of the child’s immaturity, naivety, or lack of training and/or discipline the child may begin to exhibit explosive behavior. We might call it a “temper tantrum”. Regardless of what we call it, it is depraved behavior. What is good behavior is to accept, respect, and honor the parent’s decision by behaving properly and civilized (Ephesians 6:1-3). But this is not just the case with thi

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