The Daily Mountain

Though I have no experience Discount this message not For the moral is important And need not be forgot Of climbing I am speaking For in the literal I have not done But observation has given me A lesson for the course I run The higher upon a mountain you climb The less balance you possess It is harder to keep from stumbling And you have no ground for rest The higher upon a mountain you climb The less air there is to breathe The very basic necessity of life From you begins to take leave The higher upon a mountain you climb The farther you have to fall Be careful lest you climb too high And the fall be your last of all The higher upon a mountain you climb The more alone you are

The Parable of the Fathers’ Last Words

There were three men lying in a hospital, all terminally ill. The first man was a very wealthy and successful businessman. His family was full of bickering and infighting, and not wanting that to ruin his industry, he had called his family together in those last minutes. His final words before passing were, “I love you. Please take care of my business.” In the next room over was another man that was passing. He too had gathered his family together in his final moments. As he was talking about the few minor things that he had left behind, and realizing that his time was near, he turned to his eldest son and said, “I’m sorry I couldn’t leave you more, but I do love you. Please take care of the

“A Man After God’s Own Heart”?

This week I learned the heartbreaking news of a fellow gospel preacher who has fallen away from the faith. Though I was not close to him, I had been aware of his work and influence for years. He has led his family to a fellowship church where he had the opportunity to share his reasoning for leaving the “churches of Christ”, as he described. In his lesson, one main point that he made in reference to grace was how King David is described as a man after God’s “own heart” (Acts 13:22), and yet David committed some very egregious sins. The false teacher’s conclusion was that, like David, as long as we are trying, and penitent of our sins along the way, then holding fast the Apostle’s doctrine i

A Tale of Two Churches

Once upon a time there were two churches located within a big city. Both churches had been established for decades, were sound in faith and size, and had elders in leadership. However, one church continually excelled in growth through the years while the other was fraught with ups and downs. The bigger church had a preacher who had been there for decades and served as an elder. The smaller group changed preachers every so often through the years. One fateful month, the preacher at the bigger church preached a message that offended some of the brethren. Nothing unscriptural, but these brethren had been chirping about wanting to get rid of this preacher for years, and now this was their newest

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