O’Connor Road church of Christ


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2015 Audio Sermons


12-20-15 AM - Speak where the Bible speaks… - Jim Lamberth (No notes)

12-6-15 AM - The Church and its Members - Jim Lamberth (No notes)

12-6-15 PM - The Beginning and Future of the church - Jim Lamberth (No notes)

8-16-15 AM - Demons (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

8-16-15 PM - The Two Olive Branches (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

8-9-15 AM - The Church (by Jim Lamberth) (No notes)

8-9-15 PM - Lessons from Balaam (by Chris Russell) (No notes)

8-2-15 AM - A Good Deed (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

8-2-15 PM - Family Pattern (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

7-19-15 AM - Fellowship (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

7-19-15 PM - Forgiveness (by Tony Vasquez) (No notes)

4-26-15 PM - The Deity of Christ - Jim Lamberth (No notes)

2-1-15 AM - Judge not lest ye be judged - Notes (by Jim Lamberth)

2-1-15 PM - Simple truths about creation - Notes (by Jim Lamberth)

Note: You can simply click the links on the audio or notes to access them, or if you prefer you can right-click and select “Save link as” to download the audio or notes.  The audio will save as an MP3 file and the notes will save as a PDF file.